Silver Infusion (ionic silver)

Submitted by Greg Simmons on 19-Jul-2017
Silver Infusion...a very different and amazing IONIC silver solution. It is over 300 times more effective and bio-available than the very best "Colloidal Silver" solution products on the market today. Silver Infusion is manufactured with Ultra Pure Medical Grade Water, with 5 ppm of 99.9% pure (+) positive charged silver ions…just 2 ingredients. We have designed a very unique manufacturing process that produces ONLY ions of silver...consequently, Silver Infusion contains 100% silver ions in a pure medical grade water solution. This is the ONLY product of its kind on the market today! Typical, a "Colloidal Silver" solution contains around 2 -3 % ions that are capricious at best. Typical "Colloidal Silver" has mostly "Nano" sized particles and larger chunks, which cannot be used by our bodies or kill bacteria. "Colloidal Silver is semi effective only because of the 2 -3 % of incidental ions that are present in “Colloidal Silver” solutions, in typical manufacturing processes. Also, ”Colloidal Silver’s” nano size and larger particles, have a “ zeta potential charge” which is a (-) negative charge and is the opposite of beneficial in silver solutions! This is part of the reason MOST Colloidal Silver only has about a 3 month shelf life. When positive IONS and negative NANO particles mix they attract each other, nullifying the great benefit of the IONS, rendering the Colloidal Silver mostly useless after about 3 -6 months. Silver ions have recently been proven by a Rice University study that “Ions, not particles, make silver toxic to bacteria”. LINK - -Silver Infusion is much more effective than any other silver product on the market today and comes with a 1 year money back guarantee. Silver Infusion removed over 50 warts from my teenage daughter’s skin with less than a 2 week application (sprayed on once a day and ingesting a teaspoon once a day for 2 weeks). Silver Infusion cured a puppy with Parvo that was sent home from the Veterinary to die with complete liver failure, because there was nothing more they could do for the puppy (I kid you NOT!). Silver infusion completely cured a woman with MRSA, which she contracted from a tattoo parlor, in less than 4 days. A dog with MRSA in his ears was also cured in about 7 days (he had MRSA for over a year and lost his hearing in both ears, the vets had no answers). Silver Infusion healed a man's liver that was also sent home to die from the hospital with liver disease, because he was too low on the liver transplant list... This man’s liver was 95% healed after consuming 1 quart of Silver Infusion, per day, for 14 days. 3 ½ months later he no longer needed a liver transplant! (Again, I kid you NOT!). Silver Infusion has eliminated acne from dozens of high school kids. .. Completely eliminates Pink Eye in 3-4 hours… Removes fine lines and wrinkle with consistent daily applications… Works absolute wonders on cold and flu prevention and also their especially well on the nausea that comes with the flu… Wound healing is also very, very impressive... plus, stops infections quickly and painlessly….no more cat scratch fever or after shaving irritation! Silver Infusion also quickly relieves pain from cuts, scrape, burns and sunburn! Also, great for headaches. Use for Lyme’s disease, herpes – simplex 1 & 2, shingles, strep throat, toothaches, rashes, poison oak & ivy and so much more! These are just a few of the amazing results you will get from Silver Infusion! I have hundreds of positive reviews over the last 9 years to confirm these statements and more! Silver Infusion is completely safe and extremely effective and has a full 1 year money back guarantee. Silver Infusion has an indefinite shelf life…so far, our original batch is going on 10 years and still perfect, pristine and completely bio-available without ANY precipitation of the silver ions from the solution! “Colloidal Silver” products could never match this…plus, you can freeze and actually boil Silver Infusion without any degradation! (I actually use the original batch for my personal use and it works EXACTLY the same and is as effective as day one, almost 10 years later…that is very impressive!) Try Silver Infusion today and witness this amazing product for yourself... GO TO and order yours today! Thank you! Call me: Greg Simmons GCS Manufacturing Phone: 541.905.1954 ...f you need help or would like to know more about this very impressive product.

Expiring: 31 12 2017